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Domino tournament
Oct 15th 2022


Bedford Domino Club



Congratulations to Brent Legions Domino Club.


Lovely day out for the elderly people who enjoy playing Dominoes. A match was set up between Brent Legion and Bedford domino club.

Great day and we won!

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Carnival 2023 new links for the elderly and disabled charitable trust UK


Nottinghill Carnival has been a fantastic weekend  for The Elderly And Disabled Charitable Trust UK.
The charity raised £1948.35

Notting Hill Carnival 2022

Our charity has taken the opportunity this year to fund raise at the Notting Hill Carnival.


A different way of fundraising.

We invested in carnival items, such as country whistles and flags. The first carnival in Notting hill was in 1966, it celebrates the rich history of Caribbean culture in London. The first carnival attracted over 500 people, it has since grown to 5000 performers in a parade and more than 30 sound systems. With more than 1 million people attending throughout the two days.


The Elderly & Disabled Charitable Trust UK raised £800.

Notting Hill Carnival 1
Notting Hill Carnival 2

The Community Eco Project

Helping the environment community gardens encourage sustainable land management and improve the local environment by turning disused and even derelict sites into beautiful places. 

Community gardens encourage residents to be more physically and socially active to develop strong ties to their local area. Gardens provide nutritional value through the growing and consumption of organic fruit and vegetables alongside relief from stress and anxiety. 



Eco Garden Project

Commence 1st Feb 2023 - May 2023

Every Wednesday at Bridge park


Midsection of woman carrying crate with freshly harvested vegetables in garden
Man using a spade in the garden
Planting Plants
tomato on garden
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