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Registered Charity Information
Registered Charity Information
Our Work

An Elderly Charity Supporting Communities in London

An Elderly charity supporting older people and their families in their communities.

See what our team has done in the London area and beyond, or get in touch to volunteer, donate, or to seek support.


Supporting the Elderly and Disabled in Our Community

Isolation and loneliness are ongoing problems in the NW10 area and beyond. Our goal is to provide friendship, support, and human interaction, which many elderly people sadly miss out on.

The volunteers at The Elderly & Disabled Charitable Trust UK offer a personal and friendly service to older people, disabled individuals, and the vulnerable. Your donations and volunteering time help brighten their days. Discover how we assist people in the area and get in touch to learn more.

There Are Many Ways You Can Donate!

By giving any unwanted clothing, old pots and pans, any garden pots for planting and 1 to 2 hours of your time volunteering. Thank you!!

For more information about our organisational support connecting people, please contact me on 07984357516.

We Recycle

What is Metal Recycling?

It’s the process of taking waste metal, processing it and creating new metal material. This recycled metal can be used to make metal products which can then be recycled again once used or not needed.

Our Work
Our Work

Which Metals Can Be Recycled?

The two main types of metals are ferrous (containing a notable amounts of iron) and non ferrous both of which can be recycled. It is more important than ever to recycle waste materials where possible, aside from general benefits of recycling, such as reducing landfill.

Reduce Energy Use

The creation of Virgin metal materials uses far more energy than recycled metal. The process of repurposing waste metal is far more waste efficient, for example: recycled aluminium requires 95% less energy. Copper is another energy-efficient waste metal, with recycled copper requiring 90% less energy.

Our Work
Our Work
Our Work Includes:
Befriending Service

Our befriending service aims to reduce loneliness and isolation among the elderly by providing them with companionship and support.

Through regular visits and conversations, our volunteers help our elders stay connected with the world and maintain a sense of purpose and trust.

Our service has been proven to improve mental and emotional well-being among the elderly that we visit.

Our Work
Eco Gardening Project

Our eco gardening project promotes sustainable living and healthy lifestyles among seniors, by engaging in gardening activities, elders have proven that their physical fitness, mental health, and overall well-being has improved.

Our project also helps reduce waste and encourages environmentally friendly practices, contributing to a greener and more sustainable community.

Food Bank

Our food bank provides essential food items to elders on a low income and families living with elderly members.

This initiative helps us ensure that everyone has access to adequate nutrition, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and other health issues.

Our food bank also serves as a valuable resource for those in need during these challenging times.

We currently serve the NW10 area of london, TW7, HAO, TW13.

Pet Food Bank

Recognizing the importance of pets in the lives of older people and their families, we have recently introduced a pet food bank to support the well-being of pets, which will begin in the coming New year. This initiative ensures that elderly individuals and their families can continue to provide for their beloved pets, without the worry, fostering stronger bonds and promoting the health and happiness of both humans and animals.