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Supporting the elderly and disabled in our community

Isolation and loneliness is an ongoing problem in the NW10 area and beyond. Our goal is to provide friendship, support and human interaction which, sadly, many elderly people miss out on. 

The volunteers at The Elderly & Disabled Charitable Trust UK provide a personal, friendly service to older people, disabled people, and the vulnerable. Your donations and volunteering time help make days brighter. Discover how we help people in the area, and get in touch to learn more.

Our Work: About Us

Our work includes:

Befriending Services

Befriending service

One of our main roles is to help those in our community who perhaps don't have anyone they can speak to on a regular basis. We provide companionship to people in the area. Whether you want to talk about your day, sports, or any of the silly little things take make your day brighter, we're here to lend an ear and spend time with you.

Community Hubs

Community hubs

Meet other people and develop lifelong friendships. We set up local hubs in the Greater London area, allowing people to come together and enjoy board games, gardening, or simply a chat! Get in touch to find out where and when our next hub session will be.

Caucasian businessman in wheelchair entering van

Pick-up and drop-off services

Mobility and access to transport are two reasons why many older and vulnerable people feel isolated. We offer a full pick-up and drop-off service, allowing people to get from their homes to one of our hub days, and enjoy interacting with our team and other people.

If you require transport, please speak to our friendly team.

An old man stretching his arms

Local information

London is a big place, and can be a challenge for people, especially those new to the area. We're always happy to offer advice and recommendations for places to go, community groups, upcoming events we think you may be interested in. We can also provide information on other organisations who can provide additional support, such as support with finances or food.

Our Work: Our Causes
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Support an elderly charity that cares

For support - or to donate or volunteer - get in touch by emailing the team, using this form. We aim to reply as soon as possible.

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